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Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference

APRIL 7 - 11, 2024

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The Journal for Magnetic Resonance (JMR) will provide four awards for graduate students or postdoctoral fellows whose unsolicited submissions are selected by the ENC Program Committee for an oral presentation. 

There is no application for a JMR Award. The winners will be selected solely on the basis of the abstract submitted for presentation at ENC. Abstracts must be submitted by the published deadline for early submission. Awards include $500 and a certificate.

2024 Recipients

Shannon Eriksson
Graduate Student
Duke University
Hannah Gerbeth
Graduate Student
German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ)

 Jihyun Kim
Postdoctoral Fellow
Weizmann Institute of Science

Christopher Williams
Graduate Student
University of California, Riverside 

Past Recipients of JMR/JMRO Awards by Eslevier

2023: Abubakar Abdurraheem (Wayne State University), James Ellison (University of Cambridge), Nadia El Mammeri (MIT), Anna Sonnefeld (Ecole Normale Superieure)

2020:  Angelo Gallo (University of Warwick), Shannon Helsper (Florida State University), Niels Karschin (MPI Biophysical Chemistry)

2019:  Marta Bonaccorsi (CNRS-ENS Lyon), Brian Chung (UCSF), Mohaddese Mohammadi (New York University)

2018:  Brice Albert (Washington University, St Louis), Yuki Toyama (University of Tokyo), Bradley Worley (Institut Pasteur)

2017:  Chia-Hsie Chen (Texas A&M University), Ioana Figariu (University of Toronto), Nicola Salvi (IBS Grenoble)

2016:  Thach Can (MIT); Abhinav Dubey (IISc Mathematics Initiative); David Waddington (University of Sydney)

2015:  Andrew Ilott (New York University), Guillaume Mas (Structural Biology Institute, Grenoble), Guinevere Mathies (MIT)

2014:  Joseph Courtney (Univ of Illinois-Urbana), Michael Loretz (ETH Zurich), Mortiz Zaiss (German Cancer Research-Heidelberg)

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