Past Laukien Recipients

 Beginning in 2014 ENC has captured webcasts (slides + audio) of the Laukien Prize lectures. Access the webcasts on the Laukien Lectures page.

  • 2017 Bernd Reif and Kurt Zilm
  • 2016 Robert S. Balaban and Peter van Zijl: Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • 2015 Arthur G. Palmer III: Innovative and elegant solution NMR studies of protein dynamics and thermodynamics, and seminal contributions to elucidating molecular motions on time scales that span several orders of magnitude. 
  • 2014 Marc Baldus, Mei Hong, Ann McDermott, Beat H. Meier, Harmut Oschkinat, and Robert Tycko: Development and advances in solid state NMR
  • 2013 Clare Grey: Innovative applications of solid-state NMR to energy storage systems, especially lithium ion batteries
  • 2012 Klaes Golman and Jan Henrik Ardenkjaer-Larsen: Conception, development, and application of dissolution-DNP NMR
  • 2011 Daniel Rugar, John Mamin, and John Sidles; Conception, implementation and application of Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (MRFM)
  • 2010 Paul T. Callaghan; Contributions to the study of polymeric and heterogeneous materials by advanced NMR exchange, diffusion and relaxation techniques, and for his innovative q-space-diffusion-related developments that were relevant in the context of the development of diffusion-tensor imaging.
  • 2009 Daniel P. Weitekamp; PASADENA method that enhances sensitivity and BOOMERANG which significantly improves NMR force detection by circumventing the problems of inhomogeneous magnetic fields.
  • 2008 Malcom H. Levitt; Optimized pulses and pulse sequences to enhance the power of liquid and solid state NMR
  • 2007 Robert G. Griffin; Development of high-field dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) for sensitivity enhancement in solid-state NMR with magic-angle spinning
  • 2006 Thomas Szyperski, Eriks Kupce, Ray Freeman, and Rafael Bruschweiler; Acceleration of multi-dimentional NMR by novel procedures for scanning data space and efficiently processing results to obtain a conventional spectral representation
  • 2005 Stephan Grzesiek, Multiple classes of J couplings across hydrogen bonds
  • 2004 Lewis E. Kay, NMR of biological macromolecules
  • 2003 Jacob Schaefer; REDOR technique for solid state NMR
  • 2002 Ad Bax, Aksel Bothner-By and James Prestegard; Measurement of residual dipolar couplings of weakly aligned molecules in solution
  • 2001 Peter Boesiger, Klaas Prüßmann, Markus Weiger; Sensitivity-encoded magnetic resonance imaging
  • 2000 Lucio Frydman; Quadrupolar MQMAS
  • 1999 Konstantin Pervushin, Roland Riek, Gerhard Wider, and Kurt Wuthrich; TROSY, Phone: (505) 989-4573, Fax: (505) 989-1073 2019 Address: Galisteo Street, Building I-1 Santa Fe, NM 87505
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