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Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference

APRIL 16 - 20, 2023

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Exhibit Booths include these items: 8’ High Back Drape 3’ High Side Rails (1) 6’ Skirted Table (2) Side Chairs (1) Wastebasket 7” x 44” ID Sign.

Not Included with Booths
(if you want these items, you need to order from Tricord).

    • Carpeting is not included
    • Electrical is not included (e.g. if you want a plug at your booth)
    • Lighting is not included

Hospitality Suites include a basic set-up of banquet tables and chairs that you need to order from your Asilomar contact. Below are items NOT included with hospitality suites and where to order:

  • Speciality furniture (cocktail tables, heaters, soft furnishings and services (drayage, assembly, extra power drops) - order these items from TriCord
  • Catering services, standard infrastructure (incl. banquet tables and chairs), internet - order these items from Asilomar (your assigned convention services manager)

ENC Required Forms, Specs, Deadlines for Vendors

Mobile App Description for your company
Click here for online form to complete with your description. 
Complete one time per company. If you are sharing a booth or suite EACH company completes this form.  February 15 Deadline
Certificate of Insurance (COI) or Signed Waiver
Click here for COI info plus waiver to sign if no COI. 
One per booth or suite (primary contact company)  February 15 Deadline
 Signed Vendor Space Agreement
 Click here for form to sign & submit
One per booth or suite (primary contact company)  February 15 Deadline

 Free Registration Form for Booth or Suite
 Click here for online form. Available only until March 1.

For additional booth or suite staff, use the Exhibits Only   Order Form for reduced registration.

Limit of 1 free reg per booth and 2 free reg per suite.

 March 1 Deadline
 Email Blast HTML & Preferred send date and time
 Click here for sample of what you need to deliver &
 where to send
If ordered  March 1 Deadline
 Rotating Banner PNG file (artwork)
 Click here for specs and screenshots
If ordered  March 1 Deadline
 Literature Insert Delivery Deadline
 Click here for labels to affix to your carton(s).
 Labels include shipping address.
If ordered

 April 3 Deadline

Note: bags are stuffed by Tricord. Stuffing will begin on April 4. If you ordered insert is NOT received it will be missing from conference bags.


Cancellation Policy

Take note of the cancellation policy before signing up to participate.

  • On or before January 27, 2023, company will be subject to a fee equal to 50% of total paid.
  • After January 27, 2023, no refunds. There will be no exceptions.

Thank you ENC Major Sponsors

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