Program Highlights

National Ultrahigh Field NMR Program Workshop

Wednesday, March 11, 1:00 - 2:15 pm, Key Ballroom 3-4-6
The workshop is open to all interested ENC attendees. You are encouraged to get lunch on your own during the 12:00 - 1:00 pm break. You are welcome to bring light food (sandwich, etc.) into the workshop room.

  • Mihajlo Novakovic, Eriks Kupce, Lucio Frydman “Ultrahigh field sequences for targeting labile sites in polysaccharides, proteins and nucleic acids: Principles and Demonstrations”
  • Rafael Bruschweiler "Future National Gateway Ultrahigh Field NMR Center at Ohio State”
  • Rainer Kuemmerle  “High Resolution NMR at 28.2 T / 1.2 GHz” 
  • Yining Huang “17O solid-state NMR at 35.2 T: An ultrahigh magnetic field leads to ultrahigh spectral resolution” 
  • Art Edison, Katie Henzler-Wildman, Chad Rienstra, Mark Maciejewski, Jeff Hoch, et al. “Proposed Network for Advanced NMR (NAN)"\
  • Jan Stanek  “High magnetic fields for 1H-detected solid-state NMR of biomolecules: reports from a 1 GHz”\
  • Zhehong Gan “1.5 GHz 36 T Series-Connected-Hybrid NMR at the NHMFL”