Presenter Guidelines


  • Invited speakers are allocated 20' for their presentation followed by 5' for Q&A and speaker transition. 
    Promoted speakers are allocated 12' for their presentation followed by 3' for Q&A and speaker transition. 

    For both session types -invited and promoted- it is imperative that all speakers respect the time allocated. Thank you

  • There will be an ENC Speaker PC and MAC (with the latest OS and software) on stage for presentations.  Please bring your presentation on a USB drive at least 30 minutes before your session and load it onto one of the ENC Speaker laptops.  You can even load your presentation the day before your session, the earlier the better!  Just make sure you tell the AV technician which session you are in.  You can use your own laptop as a last resort.

  • Preferred aspect ratio is 16 x 9.

  • Because of licensing requirements, only True Type versions of the normal Mac/Windows system fonts and the free Microsoft fonts (“Microsoft's core fonts for the Web”) are reliable. For a complete list of these fonts, see PowerPoint permits "font embedding" for other fonts, but use this with caution; character and line spacing are not always preserved. 

  • Be sure that any graphics and equations are inserted as jpeg or gif pictures at appropriate resolution. 

  • Avoid inserting scanned pages reduced to a small rectangle which may occupy so much memory that it displays as a red X in PowerPoint (if the ENC computer has less memory than yours); a Kaleidagraph figure legend or MathType equation may be garbled.

  • If your presentation does not use animations, Acrobat pdf files are also an option, and in this case font embedding is reliable.

  • Either a light or a dark background will give acceptable results, but switching back and forth between the two can be distracting for the audience.

  • For legibility, use a sans serif font such as Arial, 32 pt or larger; maintain a one inch margin on all sides; and use high contrast colors.

PRESENTATION. Project your voice as if you are talking in a mid-sized conference room. It is much easier to reduce the audio system gain for a loud voice than to increase it for a quiet voice. Please use the laptop mouse for pointing, rather than looking around with a pointer at the projection screen.

If you have questions, please contact the ENC office (

Poster Presenters

  • Each side of a poster board is 8-ft wide x 4-ft tall and each side provides two poster presentation spaces of 46 x 46 inches (117 x 117 cm). There are two spaces per side.

  • Poster spaces are numbered and assigned. Consult final program book to determine your assigned board number.

  • Posters should be mounted 8:00 - 9 :00 am on Monday of conference week.

  • Posters should be removed at 3:45 pm at the end of the poster session on Thursday afternoon of conference week.

  • Authors with odd-numbered poster board are encouraged to attend and present their posters on Monday and Wednesday.

  • Authors with even-numbered poster boards are encouraged to attend and present their posters on Tuesday and Thursday.