Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract Deadline


FEBRUARY 8 - Abstract submissions for POSTERS

How to Submit Your Abstract

Submitting an abstract online for the ENC is straightforward. You will be asked to enter the following in the online abstract submission form:

  • Contact information for the submitting author.
  • Title (20 words max), authors, affiliations.
  • 120-word short abstract. Please DO NOT embed images and graphical figures in the short abstract. They do not convert for the printed program
  • • One-page Long Abstract that may include figures. This must be uploaded as PDF (be sure fonts are embedded). Please review this sample. Be sure to include the title, authors and affiliations in your long abstract.

Abstracts will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • There must be a fundamental difference between each of the abstracts submitted from a research group.
  • The results presented in each abstract should add something new to our base of knowledge in either magnetic resonance or a given application area.
  • Abstracts with a substantial commercial content will not be accepted. These papers should be presented in in corporate "rooms."

Editing Your Submitted Abstract:

  • Log in to your ENC account.
  • Navigate to the Abstract Submission page.
  • Select your abstract from the list.
  • Go to the Long Abstract Upload page.
  • Click "View File", if you are dissatisfied with your submission simply upload a new one.  It replaces the existing form.


Tips for Your Long Abstract PDF:

When using Adobe Acrobat to prepare a PDF file, specify "Printer Optimized" in the create PDF screen and in Adobe Distiller. Verify that the file will not be locked by opening Adobe Distiller/Job Options/ Security, and make sure that no boxes are clicked. Be sure to embed all fonts. Open Adobe Distiller/Settings/Job Options/Fonts and select "Embed All Fonts."Abstract will not be considered until the long abstract has been uploaded.

A sample long abstract is available for your review.